Saturday, May 11, 2013

Make $400 Dollars Per Month 

Make $400 Dollars Per Month Totally FREE!

I will show you step-by-step how  you can make up to $400 per month using NeoBux AND Income Web.


 STEP 1 :

Sign up for Income Web and get $3 Free.

Once you sign up you, will see $3 dollar credited FREE in your account instantly!


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Here is the company that pays me on the 15th of the month like clock work…
They pay by PayPal and they are a SCAM FREE Company. They pay you $0.3 Cent per click on your link or banner. They also give you $3 FREE for signing up for a FREE account and you get $3 per direct referral. This is an Awesome Company! See income proof below.)

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 STEP 2:

Ok now that you have $3 FREE in your account, now you need to make a blog or landing page.

Here is how you do it...

First, grab your link in the back office. 

Use to create your blog or landing page for FREE. You can use any free site like to create your landing page.You can copy and paste this article. (Please replace all existing links with yours).

STEP 3 :

Now It's Time To Use Neobux To Get Clicks And Referrals!

If you don't have a NeoBux account Click Here to Sign Up! 

Ok, now that you have got your Income Web referral link and created your blog or landing page, now you need to start advertising your Income Web blog or landing page by simply purchasing clicks on Neo Bux.
Remember, you will get $0.3 cent per click and $3 per direct referral if people click and sign up through your Income Web referral link.
Example :

You buy 2,000 clicks for $34 on Neobux.

Say if 1,000 people click on your link, that's 1,000 x $0.3 cent ---> you make $30.
If 500 people join free, you will get ... $1,500 (500 x $3 per direct referral).
$30 plus $1500 is $1,530 minus $34 for the 2,000 clicks on Neobux...your total profit is $1,496!!!!

(Result may vary)

As a test, buy a package of tiny ads (it's cheap) and see the result for yourself.

STEP 4 :

The Final Step is simple : Wash, Rinse and Repeat! Continue To Use NeoBux!

So Let’s Recap What You Need To Do:

Step 1. Sign Up For Income Web Free To Get Your Referral Link.

Step 2. Create Your free webpage on or and republish this article.

Step 3. Advertise your webpage by purchasing clicks on NeoBux and make $0.3 cents per click on your referral link and $3 per direct referral
(Use The Standard clicks they convert better).

Step 4. Wash, rinse and repeat...continue to use NeoBux.

Contact me if you have any questions and I will give you all the support.

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